1. Pile Of Brown Cardboard Boxes With House Or Office Goods.When you book your move, be prepared to provide the following information: Addresses of both old and new residences, cross streets of both residences, cell telephone numbers, email address and any intercom/gate codes and apartment numbers, if applicable.
  2. Tape boxes on top and bottom well.
  3. Clearly label all of your boxes according to each room and clearly label “Fragile” boxes.
  4. If you are renting a truck, don’t forget to rent plenty of moving blankets so we can protect your furniture in a professional manner.
  5. Clothing can be left in drawers if your furniture is stable or sturdy and not too heavy.
  6. Bundle garden tools, fishing poles and the like together.
  7. When packing breakables use a lot of packing paper, bubble wrap, and other packing materials to secure your fragile items.
  8. Coolers, refrigerator, and freezers have to be emptied on moving day.
  9. Always move cash, jewelry, documents other precious items yourself.
  10. Empty file cabinets if they are big and heavy otherwise leave it like that.
  11. Moving companies are not allowed to transport hazardous waste materials, explosives and chemicals such as gas, propane, soil with plants or liquids are not covered by insurance.
  12. Make sure bottles and liquids or cleaning supplies have lids on them and are closed well. Separate them and let the movers know.
  13. Make sure your electronics’, washer, dryer and fridge are disconnected.
  14. Be careful not to schedule any important engagements on the day of the move. Make sure you are there at all times.
  15. In an apartment situation, save space for the truck by blocking a parking spot with your car overnight, the closer the truck can park the less time your move will take.
  16. Make sure to pack all your clothing in wardrobe boxes or regular boxes.
  17. If you live in a building with an elevator, speak with your Landlord or Building manager about reserving the elevator. Is there a specific time frame allowed for your Move In or Move Out? Let the office know so we can work with that time. Some managers will provide a key that works for the elevator. This is extremely important and will expedite your move.
  18. Evaluate Your Household Goods and determine in advance whether all of your belongings and furniture are going. Make sure to point out the furniture to the movers or put stickers on furniture or items one day before so the movers do not include those items in your move. You are responsible for organizing and taking any items you do not want to a donation center.
  19. We recommend that you arrange for proper childcare or pet sitter. With respect to your children or pets, they are better off segregated from the movers. Since its moving day, the entrance to your residence will be kept open, thus allowing your four-legged friends to roam the neighborhood. You may want to temporarily place your children in the bedroom with one of your family members or your pet in the bathroom
  20. If your address hasn’t been updated or does not appear on GPS, make sure to let the movers know so they can follow you. We are not responsible for any delays or miscommunications. Make sure to provide the address correctly. Also, if they follow you, keep in mind that movers are driving a truck and have to drive slower. Wait for them if they get caught at a traffic light.
  21. Make sure you carry your cell phone with you at all times on moving day, at either your old or new residence. If your cellular telephone number was provided to us, please be sure to have your phone turned on, near you, with sufficient battery supply.
  22. Set aside the following and transport on your own : Legal, medical and insurance documents, laptops, new and old keys, checkbook, cash, medicine, jewelry, items of small size that are of exceptional value (either sentimental or monetary).
  23. When the Movers Arrive make sure to have the hallways free and clear. This makes it easier for the movers to start.
  24. Use small boxes to Place books, canned goods, lift weights, or other heavy items. Do not use an extra-large box to pack heavy items because the boxes could break open due to the weight.
  25. Make sure all your belongings fit securely in your boxes. Make sure boxes are taped shut.
  26. On the day of the move, make sure your furniture is clear of clutter and move any items from the top of your furniture.

Thank you for reading our tips it will help you and the movers to experience an excellent move. Please make sure to read and follow all these reminders and you will save time, and money. It will be worth your time and afford you savings with your current and future moves. Contact us if you have any questions. Our friendly office staff will be happy to assist you!

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